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Asian Diversity Inc. organizes global diversity career events where human resources professionals, diversity experts, Asian American community and corporate leaders convene to address issues concerning Asians in the workplace. Our annual Career Expos are the largest career events for Asians in the United States.

  1. Asian Diversity Career Expo
  2. Asian MBA International Conferences
  3. Employee Resource Group (ERG) Summit

Diversity Recruiting

Asian Diversity Inc. has over 30 years of experience as the pioneer recruitment firm in the U.S to help companies to recruit top Asians as diversity candidates . As a full-service recruitment firm, ADI performs contingency and retained searches for organizations seeking top Asian and Asian American talent in the U.S. and Asia.

About Asian Diversity Inc.

Our Vision

Asian Diversity Inc. was created in 1987 to empower and promote Asians in the workplace. Since its inception ADI has helped many Fortune companies and other organizations to actively include Asians in their organizations.

Our Story

Back in 1984, the founder Jino Ahn was going through U.S. Army ROTC program to become an army officer. It was a very challenging time for an Asian to navigate the U.S. military culture. Ahn had to deal with very strong negative stereo types for being an Asian male and endure the open harrasement as well discrimination coming from his superiors as well as colleagues in addition to the tough military training. He recalls the 6 weeks training in North Carolina as being the toughest 6 weeks in his life. It was very first time Ahn had personally experienced the hardship for being a member of a minority and it was then when the seed was planted to start the long journey to promote diversity & inclusion, with special emphasis
on Asians.

During his senior year in college in 1986, during the job search process, he faced yet another major challenge of finding a suitable job in the corporate America. Once again, it was not a good period for an Asian male to find a job in major companies extreme barrier to entry into the corporate world. Despite his respectable academic achievements from NYU, he had to deal with rejection after rejection despite his best efforts. After feeling deflated he seeked help, but there were no help that was available to him. Personally experiencing the dire needs, Ahn decided to become that “help” for others.

At the age of 23, without any experience or knowledge, only with a burning desire to do something good and meaningful, Ahn founded Asian Diversity Inc. (ADI). Since its inception in 1987, ADI has helped tens of thousands ofAsian students and professionals in the workplace and has become the leader in this segment. Many credit ADI for putting Asians in the diversity map.

The latest initiative for Ahn is to instill the concept of diversity & inclusion in Asian countries where D&I concept is still very much foreign concept. Ahn is aggressively promoting the initiative and have beening gaining support from the corporate, government, and community organizations and leaders.

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